Achievements of MES since 1991

Free Education

MES Public School (NCLP) is providing 100% free education to the children of labour class under the National Child Labour Project (NCLP) of Union Labour Ministry, Govt. of India since 2005. Besides free education, MES is also providing mid-day meal, scholarship to all the students, uniforms, bags, books and notebooks.

Career Guidance

Two career guidance books are released by MES:
1. Commerce Career Guide
2. Educational Opportunities in Amritsar
Besides this, MES has distributed literature and arranged career guidance lectures in various schools and colleges in Amritsar, at present.

Adult Education

Five adult education centres were successfully run by MES in different areas of Amritsar. A Punjab level seminar was organised in the senate hall of Guru Nanak Dev University on a topic “How to achieve 100% literacy in Punjab” by inviting heads and principals of various schools, colleges and departments of universities.


More than ten lakhs rupees have been distributed in the form of scholarships to the needy students of govt. schools, private schools and colleges. Now, the sponsorship of annual fee Rs.5,000 of the poor students is being raised to help them to meet their needs in the present scenario.
“From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”


In order to inculcate the competitive ability and motivate the students from various schools, colleges, universities and other institutions, MES organises painting competitions, quiz competitions, declamation contests etc. on the International Literacy Day which falls on 8th September every year.

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